Kifayat Ullah's Al-Kashshaf: Al-Zamakhshari's Mu'tazilite Exegesis of the PDF

By Kifayat Ullah

The e-book analyzes widely al-Zamakhsharī’s tafsīr al Kashshāf in the framework of the Mu‘tazilites’ 5 rules: (usūl al-khamsa) in their theology. Andrew Lane in his publication entitled “A conventional Mu‘tazilite Qur’ān remark: The Kashshāf of Jār Allāh al-Zamakhsharī” states that al-Kashshāf isn't a Mu‘tazilite tafsīr of the Qur’ān. This ebook has been written to end up that al-Zamakhsharī’s tafsīr is totally in accord with the Mu‘tazilites’ theology that is embodied of their 5 rules.

The e-book is split into components. half I includes of al Zamakhsharī’s biography, al-Kashshāf, and his technique of tafsīr. half II covers accomplished research of the 5 rules: team spirit of God; justice; the promise and the specter of divine present and punishment; the intermediate place among trust and unbelief; and enjoining what's correct and forbidding what's wrong.

The e-book concludes that al-Zamakhsharī’s al-Kashshāf is a Mu‘tazilite tafsīr thoroughly adhering to the Mu‘tazilites’ theology.

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